Right, so it’s past eleven o’clock on a Saturday night and I’ve been trying to write this pissing thing for over two weeks now. The funeral is on Tuesday and I’ve drafted, re-drafted, hand-written, and typed this out too many times! Just help…

“My Mum was unstoppable, like a force of nature, and a law unto herself – If there was something she wanted to do, she’d do everything in her power to do it. She was an unbelievably brave and courageous individual and never once did she try to be anything but herself. She had an endless number of hurdles to overcome throughout her life, but never once did I hear her complain, and never once did she ever give up. Personally, I don’t feel like there are enough words to describe her because she really was one of a kind and those words are yet to be invented, but in short she was a miracle in just the fact that she existed, and an incredible asset to anyone lucky enough to be in her life.

In the past numerous people have told me how much I meant to my Mum, and that she was over the moon to even be able to have a child. But it works both ways; I am over the moon to be able to say that she was my Mum, because even though I’ve got so many amazing people in my life, you only get one real Mum and I’m so glad and eternally grateful that I got her.

One of the best memories I’ll have of her is her laughter, and the way her sense of humour could cheer me up even on the darkest of days. There are countless times I remember laughing with her to the point of crying and most of the time it would be something silly I had done, because she always told me “if you don’t laugh you’ll cry”, and that’s a piece of advice I’ll never forget.

From as far back as I remember, through her own experiences, she taught me the value of equality and the diversity of the human race. My Mum always has and always will be my constant inspiration in life: because she taught me to stand up for what I believe in, to fight for what’s right and to give a voice to those people who can’t always be heard.

So, for that reason, I don’t think it’s fair that she’s gone, and that today we have to say goodbye. It’s not fair that her fight is over and that she had to die. However, for me, the most unfair thing about this whole situation is that now it seems to be over to me, to continue her fight as she would have wanted, without her support and her guidance, and without her here as my inspiration.”

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