I’m a special snowflake and proud!

So, I’m in one of those ‘Social justice feminist “boobs are great, who needs bras, stop romanticising mental illness” moods when I come across this video entitled “10 Signs Your Mental Illness is Made Up for Attention” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk9KtIXXfv0 *clicks violently*. In the description was this link to the article entitled the same thing https://anongalactic.com/10-signs-your-mental-illness-is-made-up-for-attention/ so I decided to read that before watching the video so I could have my own say – hence this blog post. I’d suggest reading it before you continue here too…and keep it up alongside as you read because the numbers coincide my friend.

So, first paragraph of utter bull shit: showing some cleavage and pretending you’re a depressed, anxious, pansexual. I’ll have you know I do know what that means, because in fact I am one (plus the demisexuality), and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of cleavage thank you very much it’s just the space between the milk producing baby sustaining fatty lumps of tissue which have been sexualised by society.

Now excuse me while I call you out because you’re an idiot.

  1. In suffering from a mental illness you’re symptoms will change, every day in fact. You may wake up feeling like the sun is shining from your nostrils and nothing could possibly go wrong, then like a frog being hit by a lorry, you’re hit with something that causes your mood to change. In my case this is currently the party I’m trying to organise – stupid I know, but unfortunately very stressful. Nobody wants to ‘look sick’ this is unfortunately just how mental ill health works. In the same way someone with a physical disorder such as Crohns or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will have good and bad days, so will someone with a mental disorder.
  2. “Constantly sharing shit on social media” may be the only way you can get through the day because talking to actual people in real life just ain’t your jam today – see the rest of my blog, it’s depressing shit but it’s what my brain needed. Sharing this so called shit is the only way to end the stigma which you my imbecilic friend are encouraging.
  3. Why not? People announce that they are diabetes sufferers or wheelchair users, why should you not be proud of the fact you’re living through and coping with mental illness?
  4. Inconsiderate asshole – you said it for me.
  5. Mental illness is never fucking convenient! When I’m stood in the wings about to go on stage or sat in a meeting about to try to convince the big wigs to do their jobs properly, that’s when my anxiety rears its ugly head – definitely not convenient. If something fun is coming up and you manage to get it together, give yourself a pat on the back, get out there, and enjoy yourself.
  7. It’s not you; it’s your mental illness – not the same thing.
  8. *see number 2.*
  9. So mental illness is fun huh? Oh good to know, I’ll try to enjoy myself more next time I’m having a panic attack.
  10. Do not even get me started you homophobic little shit, please god tell me you don’t have access to a gun.


Mental illness is serious. If you ‘have’ to pretend to be mentally ill then you probably are. We want to get rid of the stigma imbecile, you are the one making it seem trivial.


Oh my god there’s a part two…nope

Special snowflake out


Rona x

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