Hamsters, sex, and kettles

As the academic year comes to a close, and I’ve just finished another late night study session before the deadline tomorrow, I thought I’d reflect on some of the things I’ve learnt since I’ve been at uni.
1. Any time after 8pm is peak working time (make it after 10 if you want to avoid other people though).
2. 2am is my limit. After that my brain turns to liquid and leaks out of my left ear.
3. I have old lady knees and sitting at a computer for more than a couple of hours really fucks me up.
4. There will always be one person who just doesn’t seem to understand the concept of deadlines but always manages to get away with it.
5. People will have sex/vomit/sing/shout/argue very loudly at all hours. You will become accomplished at passive aggressive mumbling whilst you’re trying to sleep.
6. Buy a kettle. Take it to the study room with you.
7. Blankets are an acceptable form of clothing, especially when there are deadlines approaching.
8. You can fit a surprising number of clothes in one washing machine when it costs £2.60 per load.
9. There are ways to keep a hamster secret, as long as you don’t live with selfish assholes who report you for no reason.
10. No amount of ‘things I learnt at uni’ posts can adequately prepare you for uni.

Now for sleep.
R x

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